January Rest?

January is usually a more "restful" month compared to December. It's time for inventory, planning and updating. In most years, new orders are not scheduled to start until February just so January can be all those things. This year is different because there are some earlier new order completion deadlines that must be met. The planning and updating is mostly happening in my head as I complete other tasks. Happy to be busy! Just still recovering in terms of sleep and rest from the wonderful Christmas season.
My sister commented on her FB page that she wishes she was a bear so she could pack on the pounds in the fall, hibernate all winter and be trim and well rested by spring. Sounds like heaven to me, but I'd settle for a day off with a 2 hour nap.


  1. I like the sounds of either, CJ. What do you think the odds are? Ya. Not likely. ;-)

  2. Dear C.J.--Since I'm a bit shy about writing people directly through their email address (don't want to intrude on their privacy), I decided to write here, even though I guess you haven't posted here in a while. I wanted to thank you for your comment over on my blog. I've actually read it many times. It was so well-expressed and profound---it was like a post in itself! It meant a lot to me, and I'm very grateful that you took the time to write it. I also wanted to say that I love the little video below of the Cheese Days parade---it makes me very happy. :-)

    Thank you for your kindness...and your wisdom.


  3. Hello Beth,
    I am so happy that my comment on your post held meaning for you. I really hoped it would express how much you, through your writing, have touched me with your thoughtfulness- and the wisdom you reach through this. Around us there is such a cacophony of noise and motion to lure and misdirect us, but your quiet voice of love and reason rises above it. You are a real person living a real life, and I know you understand what I mean, and unlike so many of us who resort to anger and hate in reaction to a sense of powerlessness, you find your way to humanity- and to grace. Your thought-filled expressions are exactly what we all need to hear right now. I know those thoughts and words are somewhere within all of us, but it is people like you who can reach deep in and pull them out into the light. I can't thank you enough for your courage and generosity in sharing your struggles and your strengths with us. You touch my life every day now without even knowing it. And I can only hope my words provide a bit of comfort and encouragement back to you. And if you would ever like to email, it's myhouseinthevillage@gmail.com.
    Thoughts toward peace,

  4. CJ... do you still make village houses? I know several people who are looking to have one made.

  5. Hi, are you still creating custom village houses? ---Amanda

  6. Amanda R.02:01

    Hi CJ, do you have a website to check out your products and prices? Tried clicking the link on your profile here but it didn't work. I've been looking everywhere to try to find anyone that can make a custom Christmas village house for my mom!