A House and A Rock In a Box In a Box.

The deciding factor to retread this blog was a package from a client. A couple years ago, I created a 'My House' replica of PJ's Deli and Catering in Bridgeville, Pennsylvania. P.J. was so fun to work with and she even let me get my Creative on. In my opinion, the large commercial windows would have looked rather stark and empty on the finished piece, so she allowed me to create replicas of the most popular items on the deli lunch menu- a sub sandwich, burger with fries and chocolate cookies- and place them inside the windows. Those details not only provided that extra bit of fun and gave the piece distinctive character, but also reflected P.J. well.

P.J. recently updated the exterior of her deli and wanted her 'My House' replica to reflect those changes- new color scheme, rock walls and the addition of grandmother's old cupola. Of course, I jumped at the chance to work with her again. And it did run through my mind to consider possible payment in the form of the Deli's famous Nut Rolls-- only baked from October through December (with a waiting list.)

So this week, a giant box arrived on my door step. It was one of the more entertaining boxes I have ever opened. The outer box was huge and filled with enough packing peanuts for me to recycle and reuse in other shipments for the next year. Inside the big box was a smaller box and inside that was the 'My House' wrapped and wrapped and wrapped again in a black garbage bag that provided enough Hefty cuddling of the piece to keep it safe.

But wait, what was in the white paper shopping bag included? Oh, paint chips of the new color palette. But what in the world were those heavy chunks in the bottom? It briefly occurred to me that they might be nut rolls, but since the bag was as heavy as lead brick, I hoped they weren't. Turned out they were rocks, real rocks. Samples of the new rock wall. A picture is worth a thousand words, but a rock eliminates the need for any mere verbal description.

I was so happy that someone would send me a rock. Too funny. It absolutely made my week.

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  1. This is great! I went to the Deli's FB page to see the finished product. Do you make a lot of small village houses? Do you have photos of others you have made? Thanks, Cheryl