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For several weeks, I have been thinking about restarting this blog. And so, for several weeks, I've been questioning my sanity. This is RDG's busiest time of year. The Christmas season is already in full swing before the leaves in Wisconsin have barely begun their fall color show. The idea of snow has not yet transitioned from distant memory to upcoming event. Yet here I am singing Fa-La-La-La-La, La, La, La, Laaaaa and creating Christmas gifts for clients around the country.

Yes, it is a stressful time of year, but just as fun and exciting. After almost 8 years in creating my little houses, it still feels novel and amazing to me that people all around the U.S. and Canada search, find and contact me and all those people, or their family member, or their friend, has something I touched and created sitting there inside their home. As completely corny and sentimental as this sounds, it makes me feel welcomed as a small part of that family's life.

Someday, I would like to travel the country making stops at each of these homes to visit my clients and my pottery houses and remember how we worked together and how each piece was created. The Nostalgia Tour. Okay, this sounds a little strange now, but how cool would it be if my future grandchildren or greatgrandchildren went on such journey to learn about me and see my work.

I get especially jazzed about my work this time of year, so I guess feeling like blogging about it makes some sense. When I started this blog in January, I wasn't sure I would have enough to say about my little business-- or enough interesting things to say. And so, the posts morphed into being more personal accounts of my life than business. Those old posts are now nicely tucked away into a very entertaining personal blog. And this blog can get back to business. A place to jot down ideas, goals, struggles, but most of all how fun it is to work with my clients.

Not entertainment for the masses, but a nice little record for me and RDG.

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